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In 2018, Terrafugia Will Release a Flying Car

What’s come on your mind when you hear about a Flying Car? Well maybe this picture will come first.


This might be sound crazy, but flying car is will be available soon. It’s Terrafugia that make an announcement about.

Terrafugia is currently developing a model of the TF-X car, it is reported that the test specimen will be ready for testing by 2018. The car is scheduled for sale in 2024.

flying car

The car will be equipped with two electric motors with a power of 300 hp, which can provide vertical take-off and horizontal flight at a speed of 322 km / h. On the way, the car can drive at a speed of up to 110 km / h. At this time, the prototype passes tests at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

It is worth noting that in 2009 the company tested its first flying car – Transition.